Stock Items

Although carbon and graphite products are mostly non-standard, a large portion are ready-made stock items. Products such as carbon brushes and accessories are items that require quick, off the shelve delivery to our customers in the electric motor refurbishing industry. Although the product range is extensive in its diversity, we endeavor to keep sufficient stock of most popular variants.

Accessories to the above are often as important as the main product itself and therefore require the same attention in terms of availability and quality. Items such as brush boxes/holders, springs, insulation materials and even complete brush gear assemblies, are but a few. Wherever possible, we import non-stocked items straight from our suppliers. Otherwise we can manufacture to your requirements.

We further pride ourselves on the quality and grade-purity of this specific range. Our European suppliers are well known in the industry and have been supplying the same products all over the world for more than 50 years.

We are confident that you will be equally impressed. Please ask your consultant for a quotation.